Balanced Student-Athlete of the Month Award

The CKA SAVE Project Balanced Athlete of the Month award program honors the academic and athletic achievements of student-athletes. In a landscape where athletic accomplishments often overshadow academic success, this initiative seeks to redress the balance. The award provides a platform for student-athletes in all sports, allowing stakeholders to nominate individuals who embody the CKA SAVE Project motto of “Finding the Balance” between academics and athletics. Recipients of this award, given monthly from October through April, receive well-deserved recognition for their holistic excellence.

Nominee Requirements:

  1. Be a current/eligible student-athlete in good standing at their respective high school (public or private) or college institution (NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, NJCAA, NCCAA).
  2. Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.
  3. Be a significant contributor to the team.
  4. Actively participate in community service, social change advocacy, or volunteer services.
  5. Provide a statement of support explaining why they should win the Balanced Athlete of the Month Award

Nomination Criteria

  1. Be a coach, administrator, student-athlete, or faculty member at a high school or collegiate institution.
  2. Submit the requested documentation by the 15th of the month (September-April).

Balanced Athlete of the Month Recipients Will Receive:

  1. A CKA SAVE Project Balanced Athlete of the Month certificate.
  2. Feature on the CKA SAVE Project website for the month selected.
  3. On-air recognition on the Odd Coaches Podcast.

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CKA SAVE Project Student-Athlete Transitional Scholarship Award

The CKA Student-Athlete Transitional Scholarship Award celebrates student-athletes who exemplify a healthy balance between academic and athletic success. This annual award recognizes the dedication and hard work of those who excel both on and off the field, aligning with our organization's mission.

Award Criteria

  • Maintain a core GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Be enrolled in at least two advanced academic classes.
  • Demonstrate significant contributions to their sports teams.
  • Submit an essay reflecting on the importance of finding balance between academic and athletic pursuits.

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The CKA SAVE Project Find the Balance Grant

The CKA SAVE Project’s mission is to empower student-athletes and their supporters through education and professional development. To achieve this mission, we are offering small grants to four high schools across the country to help student-athletes better balance academic and athletic success. The CKA SAVE Project Find the Balance Grant funds the creation and implementation of an academic and athletic training program. This program uses the book *Finding the Balance: My Personal Journey to Academic and Athletic Success* as a guide to enhance secondary student-athletes' academic and athletic achievements.

The Grant Program Will Provide

  • A class set of books
  • A curriculum guide
  • $250 for additional program resources

Grant Requirements

  • Any public or private high school program.
  • Develop a project statement briefly describing the documented need for additional support to improve student-athlete academic and athletic performance.
  • Include an initial plan for using the Finding the Balance book and supplementary resources. 
  • Outline the project's overarching goals, outcomes, and strategies (i.e., what the project will do and how it will do it).

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